Rebecca Press Miniature Books

Rebecca Press was established by Rebecca Saady Bingham in 1980 for the purpose of publishing miniature books, although a couple of larger books have slipped into the mix.

cabinet miniature books

I have to thank Miriam Owen Irwin (Mosaic Press) for introducing me to miniature books, a kindness that literally changed my life. When I met her, I was collecting miniature dollhouse furniture and her printed dollhouse-size books intrigued me (in fact, I eventually wrote one on opals for her). That day, she happened to have with her a couple of examples of the larger size miniature books (under 3″ but definitely not dollhouse scale); the moment I saw those I knew I had to make miniature books. Venus Explor’d, the first book of the press, was published 2 months later. I knew nothing about bookmaking or binding when I started. But here’s the truth: you can learn a lot in a very short time if you are obsessed enough and willing to drive everybody around you crazy in pursuit of your goal. I am not saying this is a good thing; it is simply a fact as I know it.

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