Rebecca Press Chronology

These are the miniature books published by Rebecca Press.

1980Venus Explor’d
1982Edna St. Vincent Millay: Sonnets and a Few Poems
1983The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
1983Gemological Pharmacopoeia
1983Nonsense Botany
1983Edward Lear Flip Book
1984Erté Maquettes
1985The Nightingale and the Rose
1986Golden Alphabet
1986Lady Letters
1986The Wild Swans
1988Alphabet Salmagundi
1988The Devil’s Dictionary
1988The Ideal Man
1988Springtime à la Carte
1988Mammon and Archer
1988The Last Leaf
1989The New House
1991Excerpts from Adam’s Diary
1991Goose Eggs & Other Fowl Expressions
1992Conclave Cookbook
1993The Goldfish/The Seventh Princess
1995Gertrude Talks Back
2002A Fashion Item
2002I D E A
2016Coles Phillips Fadeaway Girls
2016The Lady or the Tiger?
2018Defining the Rainbow
2018Quoting the Rainbow
2018DC Portals
2020Button Book: Arithmetic
2020Good Mothers
2020Moon Trick
2020Tongue of Wood
2021Washi Whimsey
2021Royal Court-ing
2021Round Postage Stamps
2021Annabel Lee
2021Paper I
2022One Autumn Day
2022Bon Bon
2022Ocho Candelas

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