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Tiny button book presents an excerpt from the poem Arithmetic by Carl Sandburg. Round book bound accordion style, with text on one side and paste papers by Madeleine Durham on the reverse. “Strung” on narrow silk ribbon. Vintage mother-of-pearl buttons form the covers. 1-1/2″ in diameter. Presented in a small round metal box with see-through lid. Of an edition of 13, 10 offered for sale. Price: $87.

Good Mothers

Small accordion book contains a quote from Peter Pan by James M. Barrie. Charming quote for Mothers Day, baby shower, new baby, etc. Illustrated with colorful prams. Printed on pale pink paper. Front endsheet features a collaged pram made from handmade marbled papers by Jemma Lewis and handmade paste papers by Madeleine Durham. Printed board covers have an illustration by Coles Phillips. Edition of 36 copies. Shipped price: $22


This mixed-media round book is a free-form exploration of the idea of round. Incorporates collage, movement, and a variety of materials, from the white leather of the baseball to the wooden frame of a porthole and even a hobbit door. There are some quotes. And some puns. Covered in hand-marbled cloth over round boards; each cover is different. Of 10 copies, 8 offered for sale, of which 4 are 2-1/2″ in diameter and 4 are 2-3/4″ in diameter. Price: $87.

Tongue of Wood

Tongue of Wood, a poem by Stephen Crane, is an accordion-fold book with wooden pages backed with marbled papers by Diane Maurer. Covers are paste-papers by Madeleine Durham, with spine papers marbled by Jemma Lewis. Size is 2-3/4″ wide x 2-1/4″ high. Maximum edition of 13 copies. Price: $75 plus shipping.

Moon Trick

This short poem by Carl Sandburg is illustrated with inset marbled paper moons and bound in a modified accordion style. Two bindings are offered, both of which feature carved bone moon faces set onto the covers. An edition of 18 numbered copies is bound in Jemma Lewis papers. Seven deluxe copies are bound in blue nubuck leather imprinted with stars. Moon faces on the deluxe copies are all different, including a couple carved from mother-of-pearl. Endpapers on the deluxe copies are the same blue/gold/white marbled paper used to cover the regular edition. Prices: Regular, $80. Deluxe, $225. Shipping additional.

Royal Court-ing

In Royal Court-ing, romance is in the cards. But relationships may not be what they seem. (Hint: follow the eyes… and don’t forget to look in the hidden spaces!) Playing cards flirt and cavort on the accordion pages of this little book. Can true love find a way? Cover is brass mesh over printed titling. Very limited. Price: $125.


A pantoum is a poem in which the controlled repetition of lines creates patterns and meaning. Four-line stanzas form the structure, in which the 2nd and 4th lines of one stanza become the 1st and 3rd lines of the next. The last line of the poem usually repeats the first line. Thus:

The book’s flag-book structure is a visual representation of the format, which is further underscored by the use of color. The book contains an original pantoum that describes its structure. Price: $110.

Washi Whimsey

Washi Whimsey is a round book with covers that custom made ceramic buttons (each book has different covers). Pages are a collection of whimsical washi papers. Price: $72.

Paper I

Paper I is a short children’s poem by Carl Sandburg that compares two types of “paper people” — writers and wrappers. Pages include a variety of treatments, including a tiny origami folding box and a spinner wheel. Price: $82.

Round Postage

The US Postal Service has issued a number of round stamps, including several for their global Forever stamps and the complete Ball series. The actual stamps are presented in this little round accordion book that has covers made from wooden buttons. Price: $67.

Annabel Lee

Edgar Allan Poe’s poem Annabel Lee is presented in this round book with bespoke ceramic button covers that feature a lighthouse motif. Watery endpapers were marbled by Jemma Lewis. Price: $82.

Ocho Candelas

This Chanukah (Hanukkah) themed book presents a traditional Sephardic song in both the original Ladino (transliterated) and its English translation. The binding is a reverse piano hinge and the interior structure becomes a candle-holder and candle on each spread (yes, 8 in all). The candles can be moved to evoke the changing size of the candles as they “melt.” Bound in limp oilcloth hand-marbled by Jemma Lewis. Price: $78

One Autumn Day

This books contains a short, autobiographical anecdote about a quiet walk my school-age daughter and I took to look for pretty autumn leaves — that had an unexpected and humorous twist. In addition to the story, this accordion-fold book has 3 pages of die-cut leaves that twirl in their little windows. Bound in cork, ornamented with metal leaves and a tie closure that features little bronze acorns. Price: $75.

Bon Bon

A tiny book (1″ wide by 1/2″ high) with colorful washi paper covers, housed in a clear candy-shaped box. Content is a word association that begins and ends with the word candy:
Candy –> Cane –> –> Sugar –> Maple… etc.
Available in 2 colorways: red or teal. Price: $42.

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